Building a parking lot at our Buddhist Vihara

As you are well aware, parking has been a difficult problem at the Vihara. Sometimes, when it has rained or snowed, cars have gotten stuck in the mud or on the ice and had to be pushed or pulled back out. Sadly, the parking problem has occasionally forced us either to stop or postpone ceremonies, meetings, etc. We are informed that it is both dangerous and illegal to park next to the road or parallel to it, and the Township has indicated its very strong disapproval of our doing so.

Therefore the time has come to act. We have arranged to have a large section of the front yard paved so as to create a safe, convenient parking lot. This should greatly increase the Vihara's role as a place of inspiration, serenity and joy for the whole community.

Progress So Far

We need your help

While this step is essential, it is also quite costly. We have received many bids for excavating and paving, and have accepted only the lowest ones. Still, it is estimated that the project will cost about $8000. We urge everyone who cares about the Vihara to help us raise this money as quickly as possible. Please contribute as much as you can. Acting together in this vital effort will make it fairly easy to solve the immediate problem, and also bring added peace and contentment to everyone who visits here for many, many years to come.

Estimated Cost: US$8000
Current Donations: US$3250 (As of Dec 4, 2008 12:16:57 AM)

Please send your donations to:
Ohio Buddhist Vihara
1831 Miles Road Cincinnati,
Ohio 45231

* All donations are tax deductible. Please keep a copy of your checks. At the same time, the Vihara will send you a letter at the end of each year with a summary of your donations.